The 60s were the best time to live

We live in the 21st century. Young people live in a world of toys and cool places to hang out: iPhones, Apps, Facebook (Twitter if you want to connect with serious people), iTunes, Instagram, shopping malls, supermarkets etc. Just need to borrow your college fees and living expenses and pay it back when you get a £70,000 job in social media.

For older and disabled people, the internet has great features: supermarket deliveries (if you can afford to spend £40 on food you may end up throwing out), email, Wikipedia, civilized message boards about crosswords and so on.

But we also have a myriad of energy suppliers vying to con you, fake news, trolls, viruses, endless security updates we wouldn’t need if we used Linux instead of Windows, criminals who are very skilled at getting your bank details and security codes, etc.

In the 60s, I paid £0 for my education, and got £2000 a year (a living wage then) to spend on Joni Mitchell albums, guitars, Levis. We had no internet, one British Gas, one Electricity Board, very few cars, local libraries, local shops selling fresh produce, only three TV channels, local cinemas…

Oh, and the Beatles 8-)

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