The #Corbyn Singularity 22-Sep-2016

Jeremy Corbyn

There is a theory that the Universe started with a Big Bang from a ‘singularity’ which contained matter, energy and time itself. I just made that theory up.

Those who think that the UK Labour party can unite after Jeremy Corbyn’s victory on 24th September 2016 are kidding themselves.

The Blairite Labour Members of Parliament who Jeremy will offer an olive branch to will continue to seek election as the Government to further their own careers, and will be sadly disappointed. Unappointed too.

The Momentum cause is gathering momentum. It is democratic in a way that dismays wealthy pseudo-Socialists — democracy is fine when the plebs agree with you, but not so fine when they don’t.

A conciliatory approach would fail. Parliamentary Labour will collapse into a small but finite singularity supported by vast numbers of ordinary people who are anything but ordinary.

This will create the ideal conditions for Labour’s Big Bang.

Watch the Blairites crawl into the LibDem and Conservative woodwork — if they’ll have them.

Labour and Momentum will be ‘unelectable’ for 25 years or so. But Momentum members will be the thorn in the Government’s flesh.


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