Thoughts on Unhappiness

It’s 1:26 AM. As I lay here, hopelessly attempting to fall asleep, I can only think of one thing. Why am I unhappy? I have friends (true friends). I have an amazing girlfriend of two and a half years. I am currently going to college. I have a job. Why am I unhappy. I have no reason to have this hate towards the world, so why do I? Is it a perpetual hatred due to my upbringing? As far as I can remember, my family has been pretty happy (to an extent).

I think I am starting to realize what being unhappy does to other aspects of your life. My grades are slipping. I’m always picking fights over little things. I’m beginning to slip back into my depression and I just want to stop before I ruin the good things in my life for good.

But why am I unhappy. I am realizing that unhappiness is just a state of mind just like any other feeling. If you don’t want to fall, you tie your shoes, right? So why can’t I prevent myself from tripping back into my unhappiness. Is it that simple? Do I just lace my shoes up and start running from whatever is in the shadows of my mind?

Well, it looks like I’ve got a long run ahead of me. Until next time friends.