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The Not-Quite-Whites

It may or may not surprise you that the those «Mutt from multi-ethnic backgrounds» still permit vast numbers of people to identify with and as white. Certainly such people as you are not Black American. Heavens no! As an African American, I have encountered SO MANY not-quite-whites, including those who are mostly Hispanic, mostly Asian or who even have a bit of Black blood. The not-quite-whites sizzle and pop with rage against Black America for innumerable offenses from picayune to towering in size. They are most offended when AA demand what not-quites consider «special treatment». They are outraged that AA’s make such a hullabaloo about being shot down in the street, when they should rather be humbly resigned to their fates of early and frequent death.

No number of extrajudicial killings, disconcerting statistics concerning skewed justice, abnormal death rates or housing discrimination could ever convince not-quites that conditions in America are inhumanly unjust for its African American residents. The not-quite-white racist is perpetually infuriated by African Americans, they continually spew racist rhetoric, all the while excusing themselves as not possibly racist, of course, because their skin is a little darker than the average white person.

The point that unites them all is their anti-Black sentiment and the blame they ascribe to Black people for the very miserable, dangerous and marginalized lives that White Supremacy has thrust upon them.

These non-white racists all have one thing in common, their inability to empathize with Black America. They are also quite intellectually challenged because despite being confronted with the empirical facts, they continue to blame Black people for bring born into hideous circumstances in one of the wealthiest and most powerful nations on the planet. Waking up everyday, our not-quites still tell themselves: Blacks themselves have constructed the very unfavorable circumstances of their birth, life and death.

The difference between the inhumanity of conservatives like you and those who came before you is that there is no excuse for your ignorance.