Observations on social media from a (essentially) first time social media user

It has been a couple weeks since I first published my site, worldofmilleau.com, and the social media aspect has gotten me run ragged. I understand that to most people, social media is second nature and it is a pleasure for them to be on it all the time, but that is not the case for me. I am introverted beyond what most people would consider normal, I am nervous to share my work, and I am left with a sense of failure when I don’t see instant results. This seems to be the perfect set of qualities to have if you want your online presence to drive you crazy. It started when I quit Facebook, which I wasn’t a heavy user of (see previous post). I wouldn’t say that I used it as much as I got birthday reminders from it and wasted time scrolling through my feed.

I started writing and using Google+ as my new preferred timewaster. In more ways than one, I found Google+ to be superior to Facebook. Unfortunately it seems that a majority of Americans don’t consider it as an alternative to Facebook. I joined a few communities, followed a few collections and +1ed some good content. The biggest difference I noticed was the lack of garbage clogging up my feed. I have yet to see a post which is political or hateful; I believe I have been able to avoid that by joining writing communities and avoiding political communities, but for all I know, the political communities might be better here too. I’ve gotten some good feedback from the writers on Google+ as well. Unfortunately, I don’t feel it has driven a whole lot of traffic o my site, but I might just need to be more patient. As I stated earlier, I expect instant results, even when I know I shouldn’t.

Twitter has also been enjoyable, but at the same time causes me plenty of grief. I am a man of few words, and trying to come up with things to tweet on a regular basis in order to stay involved is quite the effort for me. I do like scrolling through the feed. I’ve picked up a lot more useful information, inspiration, and links to informative articles through the feed. I also get a barrage of motivational quotes and helpful writing tips from the feeds I follow.

I found Tumblr to be quite the hidden gem. You can read my ‘Observations after 24 hours on Tumblr’ at my Tumblr page. The site is full of talented artists and writers, re-blogging is an easy way to get some content on your blog, and your posts reach more people than you could realize if the right people re-blog them. Gathering followers seems to be a passive thing that just happens as long as you are active. I spend probably too much time on Tumblr, but unlike twitter, where I’m scratching my head as to what to post, Tumblr is easy and enjoyable for me.

I’m happy, if not weary from my initial venture into the use of social media. Overall, I’m not sure why Facebook has so many more users than all of these more superior social networking sites. Unfortunately, this fact alone may force me to recreate a Facebook presence so that I can get noticed. I hope they are just waiting for a mass migration, and if it happens, I can only hope that the garbage doesn’t migrate with it.

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