Martian in Marshall

The majority dream of running away to a big city I ran to small town like a refuge seeking asylum hoping that I’d be safe.

Never in a million years did I think I would end up in small town of maybe 13,000 or that I’d wear gym clothes on a daily basis (for lazy purposes only). But here I am a couple thousamd miles away from home no longer seeking the biggest thrill the Sunset Strip provided instead seeking to finish projects on time.

I am originally from Los Angeles and I am a true Southern Californian, with a vernacular including the words “totally”, and “awesome” and inserting the words “like” and “yeah” into every sentence. I believe Los Angeles is the greatest city in world with so much to offer except one thing….opportunity and love.

While the last part is less important, it is part of the reason I was so willing to pack up my life and move to a relatively unknown town in middle America.

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