TEAM Bio: Alex Khan

We’re over the top pleased to introduce you to our newest Seven Days team member, Mr. Alex Khan.

We went a little out of order with our bios because understanding Alex puts the teaser being posted next in immediate context.

Alex is a recent graduate of Florida State University where he majored in History, which makes him an awesome addition to Seven Days.

In addition to being an historian and aspiring actor he’s an avid gamer and fan of Sega’s ‘Total War Series’, which is another reason we’re pleased to be working with Alex because that technology is one of the essential ingredients for our coming project ‘The Road to Waterloo’.

You’ll be seeing a lot of Alex as he helps us bring history to life, and of equal importance to Seven Days, brings the love of history to a younger audience.

Check out his FB page at:

You can also find him on YouTube at:

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