2 Year Plan — Preparations

Here’s the first post, in case you’re lost.

Hello, Seven here. I decided to delay the 2 Year Plan a little bit by starting it early. Hum… I want to generate better weekly reports, so before I start it I want to already have an Android app and some tool to automatically create plots from the data. After all, what matters is that I’m learning what I want.

First project: An android app and a python server

Data Logger — Android app

  • Store data every day about a bunch of stuff in my life, like what I did today, how I’m feeling physically and psychologically at the beginning and end of each day, …
  • Send that data to a private server at the end of every week
  • Use that private server and data to automatically generate plots
  • I don’t want to worry about Google’s terms of service, so the app will be private but I can share the code with anyone who’s interested.

What’s next? (maybe)

  • OS Development — Develop a very simple OS.
  • https://www.coursera.org/learn/machine-learning/ — I would really like to complete this course. It might be too long… We’ll see.
  • Genetic algorithm and image recognition with Rust.
  • 3D robot simulation — To test AI algorithms.

See you soon! :)