[Magento 1.x] How to install Wiz cli tool in Mac OSX

Wiz is very handy CLI tool when you develop magento 1.x project. you can easily use wiz module-list (show below), show all modules in magento project. there are many convenience short command in GitHub, you have to check them. :)

But my server environment is MAMP Mac OSX, how I install it ?

The quickly installation tips:

1.Download wiz from Github

2.In mac terminal: mkdir -p ~/bin/Wiz; open ~/bin/Wiz

3.Uncompress wiz.zip from github, move all files to ~/bin/Wiz

4.Create .bash_profile under your magento project root, my case is: /Volumes/MacbookSSD/Users/seven/Documents/orderApp/orderapp/public_html

5.In .bash_profile, you need to point to MAMP PHP main file: export WIZ_PHP_PATH=”/Applications/MAMP/bin/php/php5.6.10/bin/php”

6.then follow Github, finish .bash_profile

All done!

Now you can use wiz command-list check any you want ! :D