You need a separate subscriber inside your iframe… I’m guessing you are using <Provide> to wrap…
Michael J. Ryan

Thanks Michael J. Ryan! I try to understand what you said, you mean I need used <Provide> to wrapper <Frame> then pass store in to iframe? Maybe like:

<Provide><Frame store={store}></Frame></Provide>, And In the Frame.jsx like so: <iframe src=”localhost:3000/theme”></ifame>, But the iframe point to AnotherView.jsx with Route……I can’t pass store into iframe, I need to pass store through Route, But how? My Route is: <Route path=”/theme” component=”AnotherView”></Route>. How do I combine <Provide> and <Route>, pass the store into the <AnotherView>? Please also check my whole project: , npm install, then npm run dev, you will know more the real situation, thanks of your help!!