Texans pre-season week 3 (over) reactions

If the Texans offense can replicate what they did to the Cardinals on Sunday’s pre-season contest they will be downright deadly this season. There were a few red flags I’ll discuss later on but let’s look at what went right first. Deandre Hopkins is still fucking amazing. We need to pay him soooooo much money and it still won’t be enough. He literally juked a d-back out of his damn ACL. Christ. The passing offense was firing on all cylinders giving us an enticing look at what could be. Brock went 11–13 with his only two incompletions coming from a pair of drops. It is the pre season but he absolutely shredded the first team defense of one of the NFC Super Bowl favorites. Another promising sign is Braxton Miller has absolutely looked like the real deal so far, he gets into and out of his breaks extremely well and has steady hands. The teams first round investment Will Fuller has seemingly developed some solid chemistry with Brock, they’re on the same page on deep passes and both are recognizing when Fuller has man-press coverage and making teams regret such a stupid decision.

Not everything was sunshine and rainbows on the offense, Lamar Millers TD run aside the run game was…crap. There was no push up front and just about everyone took a turn getting pushed around at one point. This should get better with the return of Newton and Brown but is still concerning. The defense had a flashy day with 5 takeaways but I’m not nearly as high on their performance as everyone else seems to be. Turnovers are great but almost impossible to predict, I’ll take disciplined play and sure tackles over fluke turnovers every day. The front 7 was abused in the run game and still refuse to set the damn edge on outside runs. You can get away with that against shitty teams (see: Colts) but the New Englands of the world will absolutely take your lunch money if you refuse to move laterally. We also seem to collectively lose track of tight ends once they get 5 yards past the line of scrimmage. If I have to watch Travis. Kelce take another post route to the house because everyone in the secondary assumed someone else had him I’m going to have a brain aneurysm. THATS WHAT SAFTIES ARE FOR ROMEO! *deep breaths*

Overall we took a damn good team to the woodshed on Sunday and got out without anyone rupturing an achilles or getting stabbed by Aqib Talib so it’s hard to complain. The real test comes September 11th against the shitty bears when we find out if the Texans are for real or still pretending.