Why Learn To Sew :All The Reasons Why You Should

Most people stop in their tracks if somebody says that something was sewn by hand. It does not matter if that item were a simple handkerchief or throw pillow. Just having the words “sew it” and “made this” in the same sentence is enough to make people drop their jaws in awe. But even though it would seem like sewing is the Holy Grail of DIY jobs and hand crafts, we think that everyone should learn how to sew, and the reasons why are not just for vanity and that sense of accomplishment.

In this article, we’re going to give you a rundown of the reasons on why learn to sew.

The number one reason that we could think of for why learn to sew is the savings. Being able to add a missing button or sew up the hem or your skirt only requires simple sewing skills, but the savings you can enjoy by not having to buy something new or going to a professional tailor to have something easy fixed is the difference that can make the difference in your world. It can be your only reason for learning how to sew, and we really couldnít care less if that were the case.

Still, another reason for adding sewing to your cache of skills is the environment. Once you know basic pattern making, and once youíve mastered the skills of cutting fabric and sewing in a straight line, it will be easy to recycle clothes. Imagine going to a thrift shop and turning a gorgeous but unloved sweater into a throw pillow — doing so will help save the environment as it will stop fuelling the demand for assembly-line clothes that use gas-powered machines. And did we mention that it will also help stop sweatshop labor?

But even if you’re not the altruistic type, you can find another very good reason for learning how to sew: Your personality will shine through your creations.

Let’s face it. When women shop for even the smallest of items like aprons and mittens, they are actually looking for something that could be an extension of their personalities. This is the reason why women take so long to shop, they are actually looking for extensions of themselves.

But they usually do it with little or no success and end up settling for something less. But when you learn how to sew, you do not need to settle for a lesser creation.

You can create your own pillows, curtains, and other items, and the people who look at them will know that it is you. If you have kids, you can rock your childrenís world by creating pillows made from cloth printed with their favorite superhero characters.

As you can see, there are many reasons why you need to sew. And so it goes. Even if you feel that you have two left hands, you can make your hands magically work together to create unique pieces that you can call your own.

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