The Law of Attraction: First Date

This is Mr. G.

First date. This is your chance to shine.

If you fuck this up, it’s done. If not, you have everything to gain.

Let me tell you what to do.

  1. Eye Contact and Handshake

Leave a strong impression. No one likes a bitch. If you don’t have balls to look at her while talking to her, you probably don’t deserve her. Introduce yourself with a firm handshake and a bright smile and remember to project your voice. Assert your presence as a man. Let her know you are here.

2. Body Gesture

Stay relaxed. Lean back and talk to her as if you are talking to one of your friends. Body gesture is 80% of the conversation. If you act like a bitch, it doesn’t matter what you say, she will just see you as a bitch.

You might be nervous and your heart might be racing but that’s okay. That means your body is getting ready for the big night. It is a great sign so think positive.

3) Conversation

Don’t think too much. Don’t worry if she’s going to like you or not. Who cares? She’s just a girl you asked out because you found her attractive. There are plenty other attractive girls out there. You are giving her a chance to get to know you; and it is all about YOU. You play your game and let her join you, not the other way around. If she’s not the one, you can always walk away.

Several tips: ask questions and try to make it more about her than you, don’t play with your phone, stay opinionated (if you disagree with her with something, let her know respectfully), if she’s awfully quiet, ask if she’s disappointed with you (I highly doubt she is but you get to at least be a man about it), and try to answer questions with another question — stay pleasantly mysterious.

Be playful. Make a lot of jokes. But, if she asks you about your goals, be serious. Tell her what your goals and visions are. That’s a huge turn-on for girls.

4) Keep it short

Keep the date short even if the date is going really well. Say you need to get some work done. Let her know that you’re a productive person and that she’s not your first priority (which is absolutely normal since it’s your first date).

5) Close

“I think you got to know me pretty well after this date. So do you still find me attractive ? If not, I don’t want to waste any time with you and move on”

That line always fucking works.

It shows confidence. It gets her to think. It creates a sense of urgency. It asserts control and dominance. This line is ALPHA as fuck.

If she avoids the question, ask her again and again until she gives you an answer. It’s a yes or no question.

First impression matters.

Look fresh, be comfortable in your own skin, and show dominance as a man.

I repeatedly say this in my previous articles: you have nothing to lose.

This is your first date. If this girl matters that much to you already, you should just stick to PornHub.


Mr. G

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