Cargo is goods sent by a person to several destinations through land, air, and sea routes either in the city, between cities, between islands or abroad.the term of the line is better known as land cargo, air cargo and sea cargo.

Currently, the number of cargo shipment demand for goods is increasing in volume although the Central Bureau of Statistics of the world has not officially issued the amount, because we feel the demand directly. This increase is consequently due to the advancement of information and communication technology around the world making it easier for someone looking for cargo services via the internet just a touch of a hand on a smartphone.

That's why now the world community has started to recognize there are many cargo services are scattered and can be easily obtained information. Each cargo expedition has different advantages in accordance with what needs to be obtained by you as a shipper barang.Kedatangan services cargo is warmly welcomed by companies, industries and individuals in the world who need it.

Some of the most commonly requested needs of consumers are moving home, moving offices, delivering goods, sending wet food, sending frozen meat, sending plants / plants, sending pianos, sending cabinets, sending brangkas, and shipping cars, motor shipping and other shipping.

Where to find cargo servicesThe demand is so easy and safe.

Speaking of security certainly we must compare one by one among all of us.of course this job is a waste of time, because too many cargo in the world.

Quiet! There is one alternative to the best cargo services in the world, namely the international block of logging services

Who is immla

Immla is one of the online logistics marketplace that finds prospective users of cargo services with hundreds of trucking and shipping company owners who have long been professional cargo companies.

What are the services?

1. Imla Air Cargo

Air Cargo is one of the most sought after services for those who want to ship goods with very fast time estimates, or commonly known as flash packs. Air Cargo can help delivery of goods between islands from all over the world to the remote places with the maximum weight of goods is 60 kilograms - depending on each airplane baggage capacity.

2.Imla Sea cargo

Delivery of goods using sea freight transport Container and Ship. Sea cargo is a freight service sought by those who require size and capacity of the fleet is very large although the estimated time required less quickly as air cargo.In its service, sea cargo receives requests for delivery of goods FCL (Full Container Load), ie sending and hiring a full container without being mixed with other people's belongings, and LCL (Less Container Load), ie delivery at once with the provisions of the goods mixed with other people's belongings.

3.cargo Land immla

Delivery of goods using cargo land transportation line fleet car box, ankle truck, cdd truck, tronton truck, fuso truck, wingbox, and trailer.Cargo onshore be one of immla best services for delivery within city and outside town, Although actually ground cargo can be used for delivery of goods between islands and between provinces, but with the provision that there is a highway / bridge connecting it.

IMMLA solution

IMMLA offers decentralized services that it a much more scale way. Using an easy-to-use interface, cargo owners can find the best solution from thousands of options for multimodal transport, and for the best price, time, and quality.blockchain technology handing them make guaranteed payments for a Contract.

There was a long way before we came up with logistic blockchain solution. First, hefty forwarders
integrated tariffs in their ERP systems in order to make faster replies on delivery requests. Then they
went online, but small freighters started to use forums and informational dashboards for advertising its services. Finally, Uber-like cargo services emerged. Usually they offer transportation by truck, so
multimodal delivery is yet inaccessible. Overall, centralized platforms cannot manage damage-tolerant,
in-time and competitively-priced transportation, but new technologies may change the wind.
Business strategy of IMMLA solution provides customers with a fundamentally new way of interacting
with logistics market�

  • Problem of trust solution.
    Cargo transportation is monitored until the successful closing of the deal.all actions are recorded in the blockchain, which omits the trust issues between parties; Smart contract, which will be approved at the beginning of shipment, will automatically execute mutual settlement according to data stored in blockchain.
    Moreover, IMMLA has commercial interest in the success of Cargo Transport for all parties. (Unlike the current web portals, where the main revenue is generated from subscriber payment / connection fees, and the service is not responsible for the successful outcome).
  • Risk of hidden damage.
    Online GPS/AIS/Satellite tracking of cargo location, and the status of its damage with the use of
    blockchain technology; On the early stages IMMLA will integrate with existing tracking providers over
    their protocols (https, mqtt and other). Data will be aggregated, unified and shown to end user.�
  • Risk of insolvency of cargo owner solution.
    Authorization of verified suppliers and solvent cargo owners increases overall degree of responsibility;
    IMMLA will issue personal licenses for suppliers through the modern DLT technology. Other entities are
    able to get and verify this data.�
  • Currency and tax risk solution.
    All payments through IMMLA service will be performed in a single currency IMMLA token.Underinsurance & risk of undercompensating solution. Automatic cargo insurance covers not only the risk that evolves through possible opportunistic behavior of counterparties, but also the damage risk caused by compelling force;�
  • Problem of information barriers, idle runs and high price solution.
    Common infospace indicates idle equipment and enable to implement data mining. That leads to
    significant delay rate decrease and overall higher efficiency. In particular, forecasts help to lower ports
    load, lengthening planning horizon and dodging bottlenecks;�
  • Dutch auction means cheaper transportation - the principles of cost reduction due to competition
    using. The customer herself chooses an option of delivery that fits her in terms of price, terms and
    additional services.
    Relatively low fee for services (1%(by default) vs. 8-15% for conventional forwarders and 10-25% for
    brokers) distinguishes IMMLA from sector competitors;�

How Does IMMLA Work?

We use advanced technology at every stage


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