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When you think of blockchain, you usually think of crypto diarrhea like Bitcoin, Ethereal, and Litecoin. While this is interesting and disruptive to their own right, this is a non-currency currency blocking app that can really revolutionize how we do business.

The most obvious place that we will see is the global software sector and blockchain technology, primarily as a tool to control or combat a large number of cheats in the conduct of currency exchange transactions across the industry.

But how many blockchain technologies are there now, and how fast are they launched?

To help answer that question, Open Money wants to bring a liaison platform for consumers and developers to help them get more through the available technology and make it easy for both parties to interact without third party engagement., this first iteration shows the current situation and a very promising blockchain technology can offer technology and software.

The clearest target for breakdowns?

If you have a basic understanding of the potential of blockchain technology - that it will make the third party inseparable - and you have a basic understanding of the current value chain of digital technology (there is a huge amount of waste, with 44 percent of every $ 1 going to intermediaries) , then it is quite clear that the most mature industry for interference is to create cryptocurrency based applications

The speeds used by these companies are intriguing and somewhat inevitable, given the tremendous growth rates seen across all current digital currency exchange

"What surprises me is how quickly a large number of projects and startups appear to attack the lowest hanging fruit, which is why this is not a one-time effort."

So why is this, the associated ICO market, and other applications of blocking technology explode so fast?

"Because people realize that ICO (or Token Generating Event, which is a SEC-friendly version) is a 'killer app' from the blockchain era," For the first time, anyone can create open source software (as opposed to proprietary software, closed) that can be utilized, modified, built on, branched, and maintained which also have models to provide ongoing support and maintenance.of the project."That's important, because everything is changing, there is even an open source methodology.

In contrast to the way traditional open source projects, such as Linux or Apache, are funded - this is the foundation of a 'hat cap' every year for large companies to get their funds, "however, now with a blockchain-based cryptographic benchmark that can appreciate its value as it grows network utilization, the people who create valuable open source projects have a way to make money from the value they create and support sustainable development forever. and those who support it from the start can benefit enormously."The initial scene is a bit rare, and there's plenty of white space to fill in. But there's blockchain-powered software technology available today to help determine if this will really be the annoying force we're after.

Of course, some people think blockchain is a bubble ready to explode, while others point to a constant power struggle because banks, governments and regulators are trying to control the technology, and now I introduce a new project-based on software technology using such an application nice to have some interesting features -OPENMONEY

Open Money is a project that aims to bring together the global software sector and blockchain technology. This ambitious project sees the use of this software application platform to expand the current blockchain market ecosystem.

Open Money wants to bring a liaison platform for consumers and developers to help them get more through the technology available and allow both parties to interact without third party involvement.

They want to make cryptocurrencies more accessible and widely accepted. This will enable further strengthening of the blockchain technology that many companies aim to develop. This will be the sole stop destination for monetary transactions through the various cryptoes available.

This unique application will be developed with the help of REST API (Representational State Transfer API) and SDK based platform. This app can even support Android, iOS, JS, and React-Native. This will allow developers to directly serve consumers and monetize their products through blockchain technology. And this will help products that are widely accepted to individually build themselves and distribute them solely on the basis of cryptourrency.

Benefit of this unique platform

It is undeniable that mobile apps, which in 2016 grew by 6% and reached $ 300 billion, represent a growing segment that affects how people interact with the world around them. And one year ago, the total market share of Bitcoin and Ethereum was just under $ 10 billion, which has now grown and reached more than $ 100 billion. It just shows that both markets have great potential and together they will surely be able to achieve even more.

However, for this to be actualized, some bottlenecks need to be addressed and the Open Money Platform intends to achieve that. By creating a basic infrastructure to enable developers to embrace blockchain technology, they want to make it easy for application developers to crypto crypto. Through this design, they will even succeed in eradicating the need for complex pharmacy shop policies to accept crypto and requirements for third parties to interact with consumers and developers altogether.

Tokens and ICO

Their initial sales for OPEN Token will begin on September 29, where a total of 180,000,000 will be sold out of 360,000,000 inventories.

Distribusi Token

50% ICO 
15% Tim 
3% Bounty

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