This year we are still seeing strong growth in the launch of the new ICO in the world of crypto-currency. Sometimes difficult to understand for novice investors. All ideas, themes, parameters, project functions are different from each other.

You know, but it is actually difficult to predict the success or failure of the project that was born. It is not known how society will react to it and vice versa.only time that shows the true essence of this work. But this does not mean that you have to be constantly passive or contemptuously observe the emergence of a new crypto-currency project. Many people, precisely because of this, so to speak, "unexpected joy" likes to participate in such projects. And why not? This is especially interesting when it comes to the release of new coins, which can have real value in the real world. Such crypto-technology technology as a whole is very interesting and very profitable. This can be easily tracked and convinced of part of the project's growth this year.

And now, now I am now analyzing ICO from the SERATIO project, which begins on October 1, 2017, and will run until 31st October of the same year 2017. Few more days! And ICO is over! Quickly take part in the project -

The idea of ​​this project is to use a SERATIO (SER) token created in Blade Etereum.sER will allow you to trade in the SER market, which is used in

SERATIO Token will be implemented as ERC20 above the Ethereal block.ethereum is a natural choice for this project because of its adoption and broad industry standards for issuing specialty digital assets.compatibility with the ERC20 standard leverages the existing infrastructure advantages of the Ethereum ecosystem, in terms of development tools, purses, exchanges and human resources expertise.the ability to program smart contracts with Turing-complete languages ​​enables strong foundations and flexible crypto adjustments to the special requirements of the SERATIO domain.

ICO will commence on 1 October and end on 31 October 2017.
Crypto currency received by ICO: BTC, ET, LTC
The project is independently located between two of the most promising ICOs for September 2017, according to the Live Bitcoin version.

Serasio intentionally did not set limits on the amount of funds required.This decision was made primarily to ensure broad participation in the project and to maximize platform deployment. In addition, there is enough time to get acquainted with the concept. Once ICO collects £ 5m, it will be transferred to CCEG funds to support the UN Sustainable Development Goals through Alt-Coins

ICO-Pre-ICO Details

Starting: September 15, 2017
September 15, 2017-50% Discount
18 September 2017-40% Discount Discount
21 September 2017-30% Discount
24 September 2017-20% Discount
September 27, 2017-10% Discount

Details of ICO

Start: Week 1 October 2017
Expires: October 31, 2017
Received: BTC, ET, LTC, [UK £, US $, UE € (FIAT Money)]


Symbol: SER
ICO Supply: 25,000,000
Amount of supply: 100,000,000
Digits: 7 Digits
Platform: Ethereum ERC20
Coins Placed: January 31, 2018


Seratio web:
Whitepaper: Token 2017-30 Whitepaper 6 0 (September 14, 2017) v 6-20.pdf
Ann Thread:
Youtube:https: // www TheCCEG

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