Sex storie A rainy night

She is considered beautiful woman one name.). The younger men who know and love one named Bob, Bob is a very polite. Although the pear will try to close to you. He but he never touched anything). Although we together for over. a year until the year in school, then spread 3 it but by the time we nuptial. Why is it so easily, I do not know. School Friday silk home that day my brother phraek and Bob go out together. that night coincidence. . My brother) come to the funeral of the crash killed Bob went drinking drunk but Bob sleepy before. But he also does not want to leave, Bob is going back to sleep. before the television.) until the end. Miss him. to sleep it down water, rain rain) fit the parents and siblings of silk sleep together. At that time, silk wear pajamas only not wearing anything, both top and bottom and pear see Bob run through the rain into the house and wet all pear. rushed over to him asked him, where have you been? He said my brother to come back. He stared) eyes. Because silk is the breast plump young age but although at that time. 34 “he was drunk, he walks off the road. se raft went into support him. Like fire point SWAT both of us hug and kiss on the cheek) first since Kyung?) so kiss answer him, put your lips also kiss. He kissed petting and pear giddy. Carried) to take your clothes. off and Kissing Licking everywhere. His breath hot topped on wake up feeling of silk to scattering and accidentally moan, but dare not make so much noise because of my father, and my mother in the house.

Hear his tongue licking the petals deeply Ting little pear until) remember twist violently seemed to die was broken in the bet. He saw the silk demand more and take off his pants. Then use the stamina inserted into the groove of pear in If there is no great demand would be hurt the most. Because you still remember the pain that is straight, like the lack. When he and the girl in and out all hurt both thrilling and anxiety over. Later it was thrilling to mind crazily drift must bend his hip be pressing for fear that he would repel to hug him tightly until the climax is also wonderful. More than ever, a thrilling as ever, Bob, a concussion during the live final let warm water into the groove of a brother out Bob’s lying down her chest younger honestly job. That at that time did not want him to withdraw from the groove. It is a thrilling happiness his neck But he was put back to sleep, my home. But then we had secretly come to the fun each other regularly.