Back in 2016, I decided to take the pain out of building admin panels for web applications with Forest Admin. At the time, I knew the biggest challenge of this journey would likely be to create an entirely new product category, as back then 99.99% of admin panels were custom built. Without any doubt, I was right about that! But frankly, that’s really what has kept me so excited about building this company!

Several years down the line, the category is now a lot more mature. It took time… but I have the feeling that we are finally there! Our…

When we launched Forest Admin, we had one strong conviction.

All developers have to build a back office or admin panel for their apps at some point in time, regardless of their company’s size, line of business, etc.It is a tedious and time consuming job that often comes second to building the customer-facing application.The end result is that the admin panel always becomes a poor product users dislike, with outdated and messy code that developers hate to maintain.

So we decided to fix it, and today, thousands of developers have used Forest Admin to ship great admin panels in record…

So, how do you define them?

Think of it like the cockpit of a plane, or the driver’s seat in a car. It is both a place where you watch a dashboard to see how fast you are travelling, how much gas you have left, what directions you should be following AND a place where you take actions to steer your vehicle by turning the steering wheel, adjusting the throttle, turning on the wipers, etc.

How does that translate for companies?

In business terms, it is where you visualise your company’s key performance indicators, where notifications alert you when payments fail and inventories are low for instance, but equally, and perhaps more…

Building your own operational admin panel from scratch is a lot of work and requires a lot of internal resources, but you often consider this to be unavoidable, a necessary evil. Because you have an operationally intense company, you believe that having to spend large amounts of time and resources is part of the game.

What if I told you that this does not have to be the case? …

When you run an operationally intense company, you know that operational excellence is key to success. Taking your company from 0 to 1 can therefore only be done by investing in your operations. This is why companies build operational admin panels that give structure to the responsibilities of their operational team members and allow them to deliver the best possible experience to their customers.

However, your business, its product and services evolve at dazzling speed, which has repercussion on your operational tools. They quickly become limiting, frustrating, or even deprecated. In this short post, I would therefore like to outline…

Applying for a job takes a lot of work.

For one, the candidate has to explain what he or she has already accomplished in his or her career. For two, he or she has to highlight his or her qualities that match what the company is looking for.

But it is rare to see the opposite: a company highlighting its specificities. Despite the fact that attracting the best talents is a startups’ biggest challenge. Sounds like a paradox, right?

Why would a candidate make the effort to apply to your company if you have not even taken the time to…

The ultimate fit guide to our Lumberjack culture

Lumberjacks. They are brave people who don’t stop until the job is completely done.

This friendly figure totally impersonates our company culture.

Talking about culture often sounds bullshit. And to be honest, I was the first to laugh when I saw culture quotes posted on startups’ walls. “Pfff”.

But I have come to realize that we at Forest actually attach extreme importance to our values.

It was mainly by working on our recruitment framework that I realized our hiring decisions were closely tied to the fit between the candidates’ values and our own.

In fact fit with our company values

2 years ago, we decided to forego our revenue and to give access to Forest for free. The reason was simple. We wanted to learn with you, not at your expense.

At the time, we were in San Francisco and we had almost no money left in the bank. We had the opportunity to raise our seed round but we decided not to. It was counterintuitive and sounds like a stupid move, right?

Find out how we won our bet and raised $3M

But, that completely propelled the company to the next level. …

A simple approach to mapping any of your company’s processes

Like every company in the world, you have a ton of business processes. Most of the time, they are implicit and not documented.

This can come as a surprise, as we all know that the efficiency of one’s business processes is the key to sound execution. Processes are just essential to maintain your Business-IT alignment.

Each month, we meet with hundreds of companies of all sizes and sectors. During these meetings, we spend a lot of time understanding each company’s processes before we start discussing how our solution can help.

Over time we have come to the conclusion there’s no…

Update: 08/24/18
Our Product Roadmap is no longer available on Trello. But it’s still public!
We’ve decided to switch to productboard. Access our
Product Roadmap here.

1. We’re now using productboard internally to manage product feedback and roadmap.
2. We don’t have to duplicate content from productboard to Trello (and waste time by doing so).
3. We’ve a preference for productboard design and user experience (e.g. submit an idea or upvote a feature).

If you read this article, you probably already know that we are frequently sharing content about our adventure and product via several channels such as LinkedIn

Sandro Munda

Founder of @ForestAdmin. Passionate about #entrepreneurship, #startups, #productivity and high quality #code/architecture.

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