New Research: Dream stuff weird movement

Hi guys, this is Sh1ttyKids.

In this new research focused on Dream Market.

Dream Market is one of the largest Darknet marketplace, established in 2013. But suddenly announced a closure from waterchain. It is unclear if the power of Law Enforcement has reached or survived.

Dream Market

But I found interesting things on several days. Dream Market was created forum on the Clearnet(this is very suspicious, it’s hosted in US). And that was officially announced at Dream Market.

Announce at Dream Market.

It called DeepWebNetwork. Here is archive. Now it looks like downed.

DeepWebNetwork (Links:

deepwebnetwork(.)com was registered in GoDaddy. and If you look at whois history, you can see that it has been changed several times. and you can find interesting history. whois history from PassiveTotal

It looks like contains information about the owner of the domain. And it was “changing soon”. Alright I think there is a possibility of false flags, but the owner of this domain is registered in the Netherlands and uses Gmail as their email address. chantal seems to be a common name in the Netherlands. is legit email address. It was registered at Twitter. I found it from Password Reset. Password reset

And I thought there should be more information there. Then I searched that email address on Google Search.

Google Search

That gmail address have an PGP Key that contained interesting name “Waterchain”. here is PGP Public Key(

What does this mean?

The owner of Deepwebnetwork is probably Waterchain. He may have accidentally released his personal information. I think the possibility is high because the whois was rewritten immediately.


You can see the github icon when you put the email address in the contact. This indicates that the owner of the email address is an Developer.

UPDATE2: is used for this Twitter account.