22nd July 2016

Day 92 of ± 189
The small, pretty sprawl of Springbok. Photo by Google Images*

Last night was spent in strange beds, unintentionally, in the town of Springbok. Just a break and snack top-up became a wait to see if the truck’s brakes were seriously temporarily broken and which subsequently, as it was late afternoon, became a night’s stay in the town. The brakes ended up being fine and the beers began to flow, as aromas of the cooking food wafted warmly around the room. We were relaxed, excited to be so near but still happy to be laid back and en route.

Into Springbok on a clear day — ours wasn’t, just repalce the blue sky with grey. Photo by Google Images*

We drove the day away from Springbok to Vanrhynsdorp amidst a landscape increasingly enveloped in greener vegetation. Shrubs in a wide colourful variation sharing a red soil covered in short grasses, whose blades blanketed the rolling topography spreading all around. High hills and mountains, showing off large, bare faces of solid rock, and oversized piles of boulders draw the ground up into peaks and troughs where large puffy white clouds cast long shadows, enhancing the multitude of colours lying across the land. Later, in the distance, sits the town of Vanrhynsdorp, overtowered by a beautiful mountain, its upper face of smooth rocks glowing in reds, coppers and browns under the low-lying sun. Throughout the day, mountains have been becoming increasingly level and more “table-like”, stretching long and flat across the horizons, as if giving us a preview of the backdrop framing our final destination.

The spread of the distinct flattened rock above Vanrhynsdorp on a clear blue day — imagine the same scene stretching under a more temperamental sky of thick and bulging white clouds, obstructing the access of the lowering sun’s rays to the greener Earth. Photo by Google Images*
Vanrhynsdorp on a summer’s day. Photo by Google Images*
The colours depicted true possibly to a bit later than the time we saw this beauty from a distance; the flowers of August perhaps — as seen above Vanrhynsdorp. Photo by Google Images*
Our night spent in Vanrhynsdorp in a caravan park/campsite — dry, cold and damp. But a braai soon warmed the evening as the sun said a final goodnight. Photo by Google Images*

We now begin to realise, as much as we want to “make” that destination, we actually never want this to end. We don’t really want to reach the end of the road. What’s a destination without a journey? There isn’t one.

Just note that images are not my own, or those of my friends on the trip — no photos that I can find were taken on this day, so I’ve had to take some from Google.

Tomorrow → Day 93: 23rd.July.2016 — 6.25 MONTHS / 27 WEEKS / 189 DAYS

*Check out Jørn and Lukas’ 3 videos created from the first couple of months of videography from the trip down below, before further footage was either lost or stolen:

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