¡ANGOLA!…and Relax. 🇦🇴

8th June 2016

Day 62 of ± 189
Dusty sunset at the Angolan border? Photo by Guðbjörg Birta Bernharðsdóttir

Why? Because now, there are no deadlines, no real need, within reason, to be anywhere, at any certain date or time. There are also no more visas and hence, no more spending of large sums of money on them — a relief after so many previous expenditures. Now ahead of us lies this huge expanse of land, large, unknown and dusty with rubbish as we wait, with many others, to cross the broken bridge that is slowing us from moving over into the next new culture, new land, new language. Mines, beaches, waterfalls and long stretches of road await us up front, in this drying country of the Southern Hemisphere.

After what felt like hours of waiting in the heat of the border, inside the stagnant claustrophobia of the unmoving truck, amidst incessant calls of desperate young men and intervals of peeing in poo-strewn bushes, the truck’s engine rumbled back to life as we tentatively made our way across the temporarily strengthened bridge.

The sun is slowly sinking into the dusty depths of the DRC behind. A blend of shouting, smoke, talking, walking, colours and queues fill the surrounding atmosphere with human noise. Now, successfully past the official border post, scraping through as last entry of the day into ANGOLA, we become trapped in the outermost edges of this new country, directed to camp in the car park to await sunrise and the last sorting through of documentation to fully enter into its boundaries and beyond.

Drunken cooking and relaxed resting ensued as the car park grew dark and we celebrated and. laughed the day away before falling asleep in the first artificially-lit, truck-sandwiched and concrete jungle of the trip.

A relieved night at the Angolan frontier – the mysteries of this place on the verge of being discovered.

Tomorrow → Day 63: 9th.June.2016 — “SoMoS AnGoLaNoS”

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