In Awe of Cameroon’s Clarity

9th May 2016

Day 49 of ± 189
Peaceful rural villages as the tar disappeared once again. Photo by Martina Bright

Further rural scenes in Cameroon’s clean jungle. Photos by Guðbjörg Birta Bernharðsdóttir
The prohibited piles of gravel that will soon form the smooth tarmac traversing across the densely-forested valley ahead, courtesy of the Chinese. Photo by Martina Bright

Cameroon is beautiful, gentle, clean. The resonating calm of its intensely tangled jungle, towering green-faced rocky hills and quiet towns, breathes a fresh air over us — an alien feeling after Nigeria’s depressing presence. Even as we glide smoothly along the newly-surfaced roads — an otherwise usual interference with nature — here, it’s different, as it melds sinuously in with the rainforest’s beauty, helping to carve and wrap it around us, heightening the immersive experience whilst simultaneously easing the modest lives of many Cameroonians.

Some exerpts of travel on the old/temporary roads around the directness of the upcoming Chinese constructions. Photos by Martina Bright
Not long into early afternoon, we hit a rural traffic jam — huge logging trucks unable to move forward through the mudbath ahead until the selfish bugger who ran off with his keys to the truck which he’s left stuck in the middle of the muddy road… → a potential 4hr+ wait and/or stay overnight, right here. Photo by Martina Bright
Scenes at the mud-filled block-up. Left_ two of the trucks stuck fast in the mud. Middle: Ryan gets the go-ahead and starts to drive the truck at an angle to maneuver through the mess. Right: The guy submerged himslef in the mud to attach the chain underneath the taxi so that the Bedford could drag him out — pure display of selfless help. Photos by Elizabeth Montgomery
Ryan beginnign to slip, weave, slide and glide his way around the corner and then succesfully managing to tackle the deep clay-like trenches of mud. We were so grateful to have this truck that day. Left to right: María, Lukas, Kiwi & Canada. Photos by Guðbjörg Birta Bernharðsdóttir
Left: Jørn and Jonatan observing the challenge ahead as Ryan begins to move through. Middle: some of the guys helping to push the mini-van taxi out of the grips of the mud. Right: the truck amazingly made it through! An exciting and happy end to the day. Photos by Martina Bright

We almost immediately found a clear shallow stream after moving off. so we quickly washed away the week(s) grime and sweat, and the day’s mud with a naked bunch of giggling, embarrassed boys. Left to right: Lukas, me, Canada Tom. Photo by Guðbjörg Birta Bernharðsdóttir

Our first night in Cameroon, now looking back, next to a foreboding-looking church. We washed and cleaned in the nearby stream and sat down to another really nice meal. Whilst doing so, our first robbery so far took place, as sneaky hands creeped in through the cab’s doors and windows and stole many of Ryan and Frazer’s main valuables as we unknowingly sat eating quietly in a circle eating in the light of the truck. Left: Jonatan, Ryan and Frazer on arrival. Right: the next morning — Guðbjörg, me, the policeman, Christian, Frazer, Canada & Travis — waiting on a verdict. Photos by Elizabeth Montgomery
There’s something not quiet right… Photo by Guðbjörg Birta Bernharðsdóttir
Tomorrow Day 50: 10th.May.2016 — Road to Limbe → BRIDGING the TREETOPS and THE SHADOW of MOUNT CAMEROON

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