Lambaréné & A Hospital. SAVANNAH?

31st May 2016

Day 56 of ± 189
Ryan posing at our lunch stop in the quiet town of Lambaréné. Photo by Jussi Eskola

A touristic cultural visit to the famous Albert Schweitzer Hospital in Lambaréné, Gabon. Photos by Martina Bright
The variety of vibrant flora and fauna in enclosures within the grounds of the Albert Schewitzer Hospital and alongside the banks of the thoughtful Ogooué River. Photos by Guðbjörg Birta Bernharðsdóttir
Canada Tom in ‘deery’ happiness; hahaha this makes me smile, NOW – in the grounds of the Albert Schweitzer Hospital. Photo by Jussi Eskola’
GB reminiscing at the waters edge, by the River Ogooué. Photos by Martina Bright

Palm-wine pitstop — on the road in Gabon. Not a drink I would personally recommend, it’s pale grey-white clouded swirls taste nauseatingly sour and simultaneously sickly sweet. Photo by Guðbjörg Birta Bernharðsdóttir

Cooking and semi-circle silliness at dusk. Left to right: Frazer, Christian, Jonatan, Jussi, (Travis & me). Photos by Martina Bright
This spot was a beautiful break. Left to right: Frazer, Jonatan, Guðbjörg, Lukas, Travis, Jørn & Ryan. Photo by Martina Bright

Moving further South of the equator has induced beautiful and refreshing landscape changes. Its as if we have reached some kind of plateau where the density of rainforest has become patchy due to an increase in altitude and, momentarily, a lack of precipitation. However, it is clear to see that the closer we reach The Congo, the more natural the rolling thickness of pale green savannah grasses become. These reinvigorating patches of open space which now surround us have their pale, swaying sandy-green beauty framed by swathes of lower levels of dark-green forests of rain – fading into the future’s hopefully distant memories.

One of our nights in Gabon — a beautiful soft grassy clearing amidst the thinning rainforest. Photo by Guðbjörg Birta Bernharðsdóttir
Jørn & Ryan/Travis & Jørn disappearing into the slowly descending secrets of dusk. Photos by Martina Bright
Tomorrow → Day 57: 1st.June.2016 — The REPUBLIC of CONGO

*Check out Jørn and Lukas’ 3 videos created from the first couple of months of videography from the trip down below, before further footage was either lost or stolen:

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