The Namib Desert Begins…

2nd JULY 2016

Day 81 of ± 189
The first ‘demi’-dune (*much higher in reailty than it looks in photograph)— Elizabeth and I run to scramble up its heights and feel its softness. Photo by Jussi Eskola

Entering the outskirts of the Namib, we begin to experience the rise of Namibia’s own ‘toothlike’ beauty spreading through this vast place, mimicking that of its cousins in neighbouring Angola.

I don’t remember much of where we went, what we did, really; the way forward was an open road under an endless sky. But it continued to be breathtaking as we made our way further South-West in search of the sea. Reading intermittently as we continued to bounce along from tar to sand, curving away from inland and into outland, past landscapes of seamlessly changing variety, the beauty of which was difficult to comprehend, let alone decribe.

The road ahead — tar soons turns to sand as we take a right and move closer in the direction of The Skeleton Coast. Photo by Martina Bright

Suddenly, sand began to halfheartedly overtake the beauty of the bare rocky hills, but only for a moment, as if allowing us only a teaser preview of what was to come. This first dune, or partial dune, ran away from the parallel line of the arrow-straight road, up, up, and up, to heights of indescribable beauty. The dry heat bore down as a previous car’s dust bowl hovered on the miraged horizon. Excitement overwhelmed my sense and I just knew I had to feel it underfoot — running up, the heat of the sand suddenly penetrated my usually toughened soles, crippling my forward motion and forcing me to turn around and drop down to sit and wait, arse to sand, until my feet cooled down enough to continue upwards. After what felt like a long time of this repetitive circle of motions, I reached the peak of sand and stood on the semi-solidity of flat, layered rocks covering the top. Attempting to describe the view from memory alone, or even at all, would do it injustice. It was as if the whole world of Namibia lay below me — the Namib or, “vast dry plain”, the most appropriate name for this breathtaking country.

Running back down was like flying down from the top of the world, from being in the sky, as sand blew out into the wind behind before being whipped away into nothingness, after each foot momentarily sunk into the deep, soft ridge of sand on the curved path back down to ground level. Now, the truck’s shade from the sun shelters us once again, as the warm wind blows back through the windows and past giant’s rocks piled precariously on top of one another — standing tall above the scrubby, dry, rock-scattered landscape.

Bare, undulating, rocks and hills and mountains, embroidering this vast dry plain. Photo by Jussi Eskola
Tomorrow → Day 82: 3rd.July.2016 —The SKELETON COAST; torra bay → hentiesbaai → swakopmund

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