The REPUBLIC of the CONGO 🇨🇬

1st JUNE 2016

Day 57 of ± 189

13 days to get to Angola. →

Kiwi & Travis sitting as we wait at the goverment border control buildings of The Congo. Photo by Jussi Eskola
Our first night’s camp in The Congo? The next few days and its borders are a hazy blur of detached, secluded and serene beauty, as we weave through the deeply untouched wild countryside of the Congos and experience the parts of these countries almost completely untouched by human interference → A true display of man and nature symbiosis. We now drive INTO the wild. Photo by Travis Groh
The bridge ahead amidst the comfortable, caring of dark greens. Photo by Jussi Eskola
The kids run barefoot across this sturdy and beautiful old concrete bridge, as we cross over another mighty river. Photo by Travis Groh
Play around a loaded truck — humans stare and smile and wonder all round. Photo by Travis Groh
Beautiful children in a beautiful place. Photo by Travis Groh

A funny green ‘martian-land’ — a lush grassy world of undulating hills. Photo by Jussi Eskola

We rapidly push on into the next country, continuing along the dusty sand copper-colours of the dry road. Gabon already feels like a distant memory — something to be expected as we rush a little to make Angola by the 13th of June, or risk being stranded in no-mans-land. Soon the Congo and the DRC will hold similar feelings inside our memories. Later we see softly pointed hills evenly covered in pale green grasses causing ebbs and flows in the surrounding landscape. As the road draws us forward with bumps and shudders, filling the air with fortunately for us, dry dust, we are visually filled with a land of dry pastel earthen colours, stretching hundreds of clean and unspoilt kilometres in every direction. This is the more commonly well-known and/or popular preconceived imagery of Africa in books and on T.V. — Swathes of my own imaginary Kenya-type grasses are tipped by swaying grass seeds and momentarily flitting glimpses of birds of the brightest oranges, yellows and greens imaginable.

View from the top of the cab, as the savannahs of Western Africa begin — The Congo is secluded, empty of human traffic, and serene in its own natural world. Photo by Martina Bright
The grasses and birds breeze lightly and easily through the clear, warm air. Photos by Martina Bright
Tomorrow → Day 58: 3rd.June.2016 — COOL, CALM and QUIET

*Check out Jørn and Lukas’ 3 videos created from the first couple of months of videography from the trip down below, before further footage was either lost or stolen:

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