What to do when you need Extra Patience

All new days are a gift, and you know that, but what happens when a slow morning of traffic, bustle, and blues take you over?

These are the days we pray for extra patience from the Holy One and reach deeply to rely on our ‘gratitude’ muscle. I believe in what Anthony Robbins wrote, that no anger can coexist with a sense of gratitude.

Recently I met with Dr. Dan Siegel of the UCLA School of Medicine, director of the Mindsight Institute. His lesson for me was to seek and promote mindful integration in every aspect of our lives. To do this, it takes only a sense of taking a pause, a breath, and becoming self-aware of the body, mind, spirit (BMS). This moment of integration is extremely powerful and when you add in the spice of gratitude, I’m sure you’ll find not only extra patience but spontaneous joy as well.

The goal for me this year is to continue my reflective practices with the aim of specifically increasing my expressed kindness to others. My hypothesis is that I will markedly decrease perceived senses of helplessness or overwhelming feelings of defeat or loss, while increasing my capacity for deep work sustaining excellence. As Aristotle decreed many years ago in his lectures, “we are what we repeatedly do, excellence, therefore, is not an act but a habit.” I smile to the future and welcome the challenges to come, because I know its not only excellence, but kindness, happiness, and love that are not just acts, but habits of well integrated people as well.

Aristotle the great philosopher and teacher

At an instant, I feel enveloped in a peace of mind knowing I am exactly where I need to be in life. So while these are the days we really feel our changes in sleep, these are the days we really feel like indulging in the worst self protecting instincts… these are the days where our practice and self-compassion matters most!

I simply mention this in passing because I feel too little people are thinking about these important things. As always, my writings reflect only my own opinion and while I am not a big famous author or professor, my aims are to teach what I’ve learned to the best of my ability. If this message reaches you out there in the annals of the internet, and is something that catches your interest, please write to me below as I would love to hear from another member of the tribe.

Keep on elevating,

Shaahin Dadjoo

Pomona, California