It’s a Match.. But what else

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If you are above 18, you probably have heard of or used tinder once. Maybe you used it out of curiosity or with the intention of meeting new people. However, there are many who have not heard of Tinder. Tinder is online dating application which changes the method of online dating by swiping. By logging through your Facebook account, you start to see the profiles of the men or women within the certain distance and age. Then Simply by swiping left and right you can dislike or likes the profiles. If you like someone who also likes you Tinder will tell you that a match has been made and opens up an option to chat with the person of interest.

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As it was mentioned above, you login through Facbook,which means your profile such as your name, age, interest and photos are all taken from your facebook profile. According to Tinder, they store all of your information like nationality, religion, sexual orientation, friends list, education history, device IP address and all of the sensitive data as well. This raises a very importatnt question as to why Tinder needs to save all these sensitve information. Although, most firms and companies use the information for advertisements and selling information to 3rd party websites, it seems quite unethical. This is because even if we remove our account our data is not be fully removed.

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So what can we do to protect our selves? It might surprise you, the simple answer; NOTHING. We have far passed the notion of companies and firms respecting our privacy as greed is now the primary incentive for these firms. However, there are steps that can be taken to reduce your footprint and increase your privacy.

  1. You have to enable your location tracking for this app, but if you use tinder plus you can change your location
  2. Because it uses your Facebook profile you may may receive a flood of unwanted friend requests to prevent that you can change your Facebook privacy setting to be unsearchable by going to settings, privacy.
  3. Tinder also uses your interest from Facebook as well, so, you can easily change them by unfllowing them.
  4. By using the tinder plus which is 8$ per month you can manage to not sharing your age and distance with other people. Moreover, it is possible can block the ads that come up on the screen.
  5. There is a dedicated page on the setting “Apps” which allows you to disable the request and limit the amount information that is available to the app that have access you Facebook profile.
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On the other hand, our information can be used for good purposes like improving the customer care, services, communication, updates and perform functions of the app. Tinder takes security measures to help safeguard your personal information from unauthorized access and disclosure. However, no system can be completely secure.

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