Why Marketing To African Americans Should Be Your Priority in 2016

The African American demographic represents 13% of the population, and will account for 1.3 trillion dollars in spending next year. So why does it feel like a vital part of the market is not coveted — or even targeted by advertisers. We can all acknowledge that social media, PR like disasters happen far too frequently, especially when brands attempt to “connect” with minorities. However, it seems as though mistakes have discouraged marketers from even making an effort to connect their brands to diverse audiences. The lack of confidence in marketers’ ability to produce effective advertising for millenials has created an industry wide fallacy which has resulted in less ads. Now we’re experiencing the effects of a self fulfilling prophecy: fewer brands are racially targeting so it must not be worth researching.

But sacrificing African American support for your brand does more than lose valuable market share. It threatens to destablize your brand’s net potential. For the same reason’s that 79-year old Billionaire Jerry Richardson is doing a hip-hop dance, and for the same reasons that Kim Kardashian’s brand new emoji app was making One Million Dollar’s per minute last week. Your brand’s relevance is indisputably related to it’s positioning and affinity with African American culture. Need more evidence? Since Obama started his second term, restaurants serving “Chicken & Waffles” has exploded 97%. It’s all about influence. In today’s digital world, your brand has to appeal to everyone.

The idea of targeting minorities in advertising campaigns isn’t new. McDonald’s and Burger King have endorsed racially deflating advertisements for the last 40 years. But since it isn’t so easy to just throw black people on a poster with raunchy innuendos anymore, advertisers have retreated from the market. Occasionally, really large corporations will have significant campaigns designed for African Americans; but the epidemic remains the same. Many brands who could significantly benefit from African American and minority campaigns simply do not invest the resources. The keys to growth hacking your business in 2016 will rely on your ability to build meaningful relationships with diverse consumers. Visit Master Minority Marketing for tangible tips on minority marketing.