Interior Design Vs. Interior Decorating Vs. Home Staging Vs. Interior Redesign — What’s the Difference?

Interior design, interior decorating, home staging and interior redesign- these are completely different terms though many people consider them as the same. There is in fact a lot of difference amongst all these terms. Let us see what they actually are.

• Interior design:

According to the NCIDQ, which stands for the National Council for Interior Designer Delhi Qualifications, interior design is a multi-dimensional profession. In this profession, you need to be creative as well as technical, as both technical and creative solutions are required to achieve a beautiful interior environment. These solutions are not only functional, but they are also visually attractive and enhance the quality of living. Interior design needs to go with the internal environment of a specific place and must fulfill the requirements and principles of the place. The designing process is very systematic and coordinated. It includes searching, analyzing as well as integrating proper knowledge. During the whole process, the needs of the clients should be fulfilled in order to achieve the ultimate goals.

  • Interior decorating:

Often, interior decorating is mixed with interior design and people think that both of them are same. Even on the internet, the terms interior decorating and interior design are presented as the same. In order to understand interior decorating, you need to know that interior decorators’ performances are involved only on the surfaces of a room. To be precise, interior decorators select items as per the tastes and living styles of the customers. They select lighting fixtures, different furniture, furniture accessories, etc. and decide where to place these. Choosing the style as per the internal environment of a house is the main task of an internal decorator.

• Home staging:

Home staging is all about the knowledge and skills of preparing a house for sale. The house needs to be prepared in such a way that it gets appealing and attractive to the potential buyers, and gets sold quickly at the highest rate possible. The primary purpose is to make the buyers fall in love with the home so that they become willing to spend as much money as they can. It is an effective method through which the knowledge of real estate, creative design as well as home renovation is applied to make the house look stunning and attractive. It involves evaluating the existing furniture and arranging accessories in such a way that the house looks eye-catching to the buyers.

• Interior redesign:

Interior redesign is more like home staging. However, the purpose is not the same. Increasing the value of a house and making it more attractive to the homeowner instead of potential buyers are the main purposes of it. It may also be related with the purpose of selling it in near future but not immediately. As mentioned above, it is similar to home staging as it makes use of clients’ home furniture and arranges the furniture in such a way that it looks beautiful. Interior redesign also includes buying new items for the house, updating the color scheme, lighting fixtures, windows and doors, etc.

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