Right-wingers are having a field day and Muslims are the New Jews

Fucked is not your usual word, it’s deeper than we imagine. Its perception and meaning changes with context and a listener can sum up the entire situation by the very placement of this word in a sentence. Right now, in this article, I am using Fucked in context to the state of Liberal Democracy across the world. From Trump in US to Kaczynski & Orban in Poland & Hungary on that side of the Suez to Hassan Rouhani and several others leading their respective countries to the far right of the democratic divide on this side. The world is trying so hard to become far right that the globe apparently has started to look like a black man’s buttock with a fresh hip replacement, its not feeling right yet and its definitely not fair.

So, how did we embark on this journey to the bottom of the democratic system? Although the origins go way back in history, but the far right reincarnation could be traced back to the events of 2001 and 2008 respectively. Fear & Greed, the foundation stone of Religion and Economy have played the most important part in shaping the current world situation, the way we see it now. Both times, we choose the path aligning the world towards the right thinkers, somehow they appear to exuberate a fake air of being tough, steadfast and full of jingoistic nationalism that provides the same kind of support and satisfaction that a bucket of water will do to a man on fire.

Majority of the world’s superpowers and developed nations got entangled in this web of economic recession and religious insecurities and atrocities. At the same time Middle East started boiling up with revolutions, some palpable and some forced upon. Muslims across the world were caught unaware in this crossfire of religion and economy and were stunned like a child in a topless bar. The right-wingers, the ones we thought were silenced post cold war sprung back to action, taking advantage of the financial and religious insecurities of the masses within their respective countries.

It’s the same story across continents, a lethal mix of unemployment triggered by economic recession, misplaced insecurities of the native population due to migration caused by upheaval in the Middle East. This damp environment of multiple anxieties caused the mushrooming of leaders specializing in fear marketing with a faux readiness to protect the majority from the onslaught of minority appeasement. The far right leaders across the globe are covering themselves in nationalistic garbs to invoke a kind of identity politics that could keep them in power within an insecure world. The liberals are increasingly being labeled Leftists and Pseudo Intellectuals and media machinery is gradually under pressure to discredit their sentiments and voices.

Amongst all this geo-political drunken obsession of who will throw up on the dance floor first, the blame has squarely fallen on one community that seems to have made themselves the favourite punching bag of jingoistic nationalism. Muslims, somehow have perfectly snug into the turban-clad-caveman-beard image that the global media created as a pre-cursor to worst things already in the pipeline. Ladies & Gentleman, Muslims are the Jews of the 21st century, the chosen ones, hated, driven away from their lands and almost ready for a round of ethnic cleansing.

They are increasingly pitched as a threat to nativist views, nationalism and progressive values across the length and breadth of this globe. This gluttony of Pre-defined Nationalism fuelled with a fear of losing on the hands of minority is closely followed by authoritarianism that gives birth to insane ideas resulting in ethnic ghettos and gas chambers, and we have historical evidence to prove that.

Inclusive democracy with secularism and pluralistic values is historically a new method of governance and might need some more development but compared to Aristocracy, Despotic Autocracy or a Communist State, it’s the only mechanism that ensures to keep order in this world to an extent that even if it doesn’t appear sparkling white, at least its pale yellow when it comes to fairness.

We have no other planet to jump off to, no matter what religion you follow and no matter the stark differences between them; we will have to keep sharing this place with each other. Authoritarian leaders will say or do absurd things to gain or stay in power, but keep in mind that absurdities are more often than not followed by atrocities. We are safe with each other, not one against the other, the entire premise of My God, My People and My Land over the other was devised to gain regional control, grab power and subjugate maximum people with minimum effort. Authoritarians and Nationalists, more often than not will invoke these ideas to sweep you off your saner thought process. They invoke the evil that’s persistent in religion and nationalism and make you detest the other.

Show the likes of Trump a middle finger, another symbolic gesture for the word fucked, because if you don’t, then we will for sure be fucked.

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