Anonymity on the Internet

Internet is an open place where every node is connected, in this broad network, information is flowing like anything. Then there are some pioneer of this network which gives us an Identity. We are very comfortable with this identity, be it our email, our facebook or twitter account or even our personal website.

We are very much comfortable with this convention, which makes our true identity a different one on this network. There are question in our mind which we can not ask openly because we feel ashamed or confused. Its not about the things we feel our society will take as offensive, it could be anything any question be it subjective or objective.

We have lots of question which we want to get answered, but someone doesn't answer because of his/her social anxiety. A fear of being open in this open network. Not everyone is open and bold enough to express what they want to say. That make this world mix of different mindset. That someone can change your life by giving your right advice, or just openly express what he/she feel.

Salute to Quora Anonymous feature, which support anonymity of this network. It’t an engaging platform because its an open platform for question and answers. Most bold and controversial opinion posted on quora are posted as anonymous. In certain way anonymity on the internet makes it more informative and collective.

To support anonymity and openness of this informative web, we are proud to introduce a platform for “microanswers”, a quick place for question and answer anonymously. Checkout

What we guarantee,

It will always be free
We will never truble you for your login
We will provide your targetted question to answer, the problems where you can openly contribute
Your identity will be always anonymous (because we also don’t know)
Your question will be answered by anonymous user who knows that stuff
We support micro answers and objective, to the point questions. To keep you engaged with this platform

How it work

SocialShade works on your browser login, your only authentication is your browser. You will get notification for answers if you use the same browser. Your question is moderated by our algorithms and our team, which gives your question proper dimension so that it can be presented to more suitable user and yes it works on mobile also.

What we feel, your point of view matter. May be you are helping someone by just being yourself.

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