The Aberynthian Adventures: Part 1

Starting out, you wake up in the middle of a field not knowing how you got there. As you look around you see something moving toward you. The closer it gets the bigger it gets. Seconds later you are face to face with an Ancient Golden Dragon named Tirlynn. He asks you for your name and you try to speak but give no reply. You sense his worry and motion that you cannot speak. In a concerned voice he offers to take you to the city of Aberynthia to meet with King Everet and his council of mages to figure out what happened to you. On your way there, Tirlynn spots an adventurer in distress and both of you agree to help the young Elf. As you come closer you see the young Elf being attacked by a small pack of wolves. Tirlynn lands in between the wolves and the young Elf and uses his tail to whip the wolves away. Tirlynn yells to the Elf to jump on and then he takes off to Aberynthia.