The Aberynthian Adventures: Part 2

On your way to the city Tirlynn finds himself fatigued and lands in a wooded area just south of the Aberynthian gates. As you and the young elf are setting up camp the elf gives her thanks and says her name is Athelia and she was abandoned by her fellow adventurers because her skill equaled that of a wooden fence. Tirlynn tells her you have no voice and the trip to meet with the Kings council of mages to fix you. You and the young elf become very close in the over night expedition due to her ability to communicate telepathically. The next day Tirlynn finds that the gates are about two miles south and everyone decides to walk on the nice sunny morning. About a mile goes by until you get a tingling sensation in your hands and all of a sudden, you become engulfed in a purple matter. Tirlynn and Athelia try to pull you from the purple matter but nothing works. An hour passes by and you finally emerge from the matter with God like abilities and the will to speak. Tirlynn yells in excitement “I knew you were the chosen one, your name is Shadow.”