Are there any plans to expand on the domains used?
Josh Eberley

Josh Eberley I would love to! But I do want to be strict about where the list of domains is coming from. Right now, Ven is using the top 500 shared “hard news” domains from this (U.S. based) Facebook study. Including more domains would mean using domains with less share data, and thus a less significant alignment score. Though that said — any obvious omissions that you’re noticing? The list of domains being used by Ven are at the bottom of this post.

Side note: It would be great if Facebook, now that this methodology is in place, allowed this data to be refreshed / calculated periodically — not only to compile more data on lesser known domains, but to also take into account any shifts in views of domain sharers over time. Or even better, a live API with this information so that applications more interesting than this one can be developed! In the meantime, will have my eyes peeled for work being done to compile similar data.