“I was up all night,

writing of course. Solitude makes every one a writer, bestows upon them a gift which in reality has always been there but just drowned by the outside world. Everyone finds his voice once he leaves the crowd to find himself.

I was up all night because night is the only time I can be myself.

Sleeping roommates and shutdown laptops, sound of dripping water and little animals out for blood. I find myself, looking over the edge of the bed and silently tapping away at the phone screen.

Someone turn off the tap! Who is the idiot that leaves a tap on?

Everyone is pretending that I am the only one awake so I’d have to turn of the running water.

All characters are non-fictional. Any resemblance to any real life character is intentional.

Now you can go bollocks.

I would go backwards.

“It ends with falling water. And the sound of a dynamo gen. Of very well diluted blood and water flowing towards an out and the silent talk of unmarried young men about a married man’s business. Of scowling foreheads and disgusted noses. Of deep breaths and the shock of disappointment. Of an older man who’s footsteps fade out of the house. Whose most recent action betrays his kaftan of white. Of the faint sound of running shower and the cooling of young tempers. Of the end of a sob, that last dying breath of a pain released before sleep comforts. Of a scared girl leaving her own house. Of a boy whose arm had to be taken by his friends to stop him from moving. Of the kisses of an unrequited lover desperately trying to comfort a woman. Of a man who erected a wall to shut his neighbours up. Of another who had seen so much pain that he sought to play the part of penicillin. Of a girl who played hostess and dabbed a mother’s wounds with warm cotton. Of the pair who helped a bleeding woman into a house. Of the walk across the yard from a fucking room to a virgin’s coop. Of frantix knocks on a door again. Of the sound of flesh on walls. Of shouts and screams. Of knocks on a door locked. Of the sound of blows.

Of something that erupted so quickly no one could follow.

Of a trio of boys who were enjoying their video game.

Of a girl who had just finished entertaining her boyfriend.

Of a woman who had just put her three month old son to sleep.

The story of a fishy man that married a good woman, and the young man who knew that she deserved better.”

Someone broke the tap. That is why it is running again.