Chasing the dream (job)

I have luckily been able to enjoy a really exciting career; I hope I can help you do the same. In helping people find a great career, I focus on helping individuals (1) determine their dream job and (2) learn new skills (filming a documentary on this). I work with individuals seeking careers in journalism and film production to nutrition and software engineering.

If you are trying to get your dream job, I encourage you to think about the following two items: your dream and your why.

Dream big! If you know how to reach your dream, dream a lot fffking bigger!

Like yourself, I am chasing my dream job everyday. I try to constantly ask myself what is my dream so that I know what I am running towards. My biggest dreams include motivational/public speaking and playing world class soccer. I elaborated on this in a post. Take a look! I encourage you to think about the same. What is your dream?

After determining that motivational/public speaking was one of the components to my dream, a successful speaker encouraged me to write about why. I was to write why do I want to be a motivational/public speaker. I realized that writing ‘my why’ down will help me stay consistent with my efforts. One of the main reasons I want to be a speaker is so that I can use my perspective to provide a positive influence on others. See more here.

If you are seeking your dream job, please share your thoughts! Your thoughts will be helpful for others and it can also be helpful for others to help you. Share by commenting below or reaching out to me (630–551–8482,

Who am I to speak about chasing your dream job? I elaborated on my professional experience here. Most of my experience comes from starting a school (MakerSquare) that graduated 1300+ software engineers at companies like Google and Facebook. The school received federal funding from the White House through the Obama administration. Our school was also acquired by another school, Hack Reactor. I have been pretty lucky that my professional career has worked out the way it has.