How I am eating healthy with limited effort #eatinghealthy

As I continue to exercise, I want to have an amazing diet. Many people have said to me, “diet is the most important component to your health.” It is time to take action.

I want my diet to be easy and convenient, to mostly include chicken and vegetables, and to be aware of nutritional timing.

My diet? See my favorite items on Instagram:

  • Almonds, walnuts, warm water with lemon and turmeric, and branched-chain amino acid supplement
  • Greek yogurt, granola, & honey or eggs, spinach, & avocado. A protein shake and fruits (apple, banana, and/or blueberries/berries).
  • Chicken, spinach or potentially other greens as well with barbecue sauce, spicy mustard or some flavoring sauce and some vegetables like red green yellow peppers and onions.
  • An herbal tea.
  • More chicken, greens, flavored sauce, vegetables? Not too sure what to eat for dinner on a regular basis.
  • My prescription medication and daily vitamins like fish oil and one-a-days

I am finding that writing about my diet will make it a lot easier to follow. What is included in your ideal daily diet? Any suggestions?

I want to eat protein and healthy fats in my diet in the morning because it establishes the fact that I will have enough of those nutrients so my body does not store carbohydrates. I want to eat my biggest meal after exercise so that my body immediately utilizes carbohydrates, fats, and proteins.are these assessments accurate?