How I am using the Pomodoro technique to master a skill

Yep, I am trying to master a skill. Software engineering? No way. I find that rather boring. I am focusing playing sports!

When I was working on launching a school (MakerSquare), one of my partners introduced me to the Pomodoro technique. It taught me the value of doing distraction free work for a period of time and adding small breaks for any distractions like checking email or sending text messages.

We implemented our learnings from the Pomodoro technique into our daily structure for MakerSquare students. We had various items for students to focus on like algorithms, backend development, and databases. Between each topic, we had breaks so that students could grab a snack, go to the bathroom, or whatever it is they chose. Outside of the breaks, students were expected to focus on the topic with 100% attention.

As I am attempting to master soccer, football, and basketball (@masteringthebig3sports), I have decided to implement this Pomodoro technique. My goal is to accomplish eight Pomodoros a day with a focus on these three sports (e.g. playing, noting a plan or a reflection, blogging).

On the court, it has already helped. I am still sending texts but that Nick has kept me from sporadically sending texts and interrupting my focus. I also implemented a new rule: no texting or checking emails while I am on the court. I am trying to push myself to make any distractions more of a hassle. Another item that has helped me is listening to music because it pushes me to stay in the moment (see another post I wrote about limiting distractions).

Let me know if you ever want to play any sport or any other activity like dancing! It has been fun combining spending time with family/friends with my interests. I’m excited to improve my ability to perform athletically and I am optimistic this new newly implemented technique of distraction free focus this will help.

What are you trying to get better at? What habits are you trying to implement? And how are you ensuring that you are distraction free and focused?