If I always said what if, I would be pessimistic.

I am a pretty lucky and fortunate person. At the same time, I have had my fair share of challenges. It frustrates me that there are a number of people that think things have come easy for me. It has become more frustrating because I try to encourage people to be more active and there is a misconception that I can do this because it’s easy for me and I do not work. Easy? Well, it is easier to exercise 2+ hours a day then fight depression. Work? Yeah, I do a lot of that. I (1) have a director level role at a growing company (http://hackreactor.com), (2) am becoming a global motivational speaker (speaking in New Delhi in front of 1,900 people), and (3) pursuing a doctorate in learning sciences. I realized however that perception is reality, so I am attempting to share more of what I am working on.

My challenges. I have interviewed for 37 companies in college and only received 2 offers. I lost one of my closest friends at age 20. I was hit by a car twice at age 6 and 28; the recent accident pushed me to the ICU for eight days 1.5 months of rehab for my brain hemorrhage, broken shoulder/scapula, and strained MCL and LCL. I dealt with clinical depression for 11.5 of the last 24 months; this mental health illness pushed me to stop working for 18 out of 24 months. I am blind out of my left eye and legally blind due to hyper light sensitivity in both eyes; I have only driven a car for 1 year in my life and I always prescribe to wear sunglasses. My life isn’t full of the hardest challenges but there definitely have been challenges.

What if I did not face clinical depression? What if my eyes were normal? What if I could see out of my left eye? What if I got more job offers? What if I did not get hit by a goddamn car? I am not too sure. What if I could not see out of my right eye at all? What if I did not have my amazing family? What if I could not walk? That would suck. I guess I am lucky.

What are some challenges you have faced or are currently facing? What are some ridiculously amazing things you have done despite those challenges?

I hope I do a better job going forward of not caring what others think. For now, at least I am able to share my thoughts with this blog. To more years of laughing, smiling, and making life look easy!