Los Angeles! Why I’m excited about living in LA

Recent move

I moved from Chicago to Los Angeles in early January. When I was in Chicago, my friends asked, “oh, why?” My response: “because it’s cold.” After a look of genuine disbelief in my reason, I followed up explaining that if it was 8° and gloomy in Los Angeles and 70° and sunny in Chicago, I wouldn’t move.

Dealing with the cold is not fun

I realized I spend anywhere from 30 minutes to two hours dealing with the cold weather. At a minimum, it takes me ~25 minutes to get ready (checking the weather, deciding what to wear, changing — putting on tights / Under Armor and many layers) and it takes me an additional 5+ minutes to mentally prepare (get excited about getting of bed or leaving the indoors to enter the cold tundra outside). It doesn’t help that I often spend 5+ minutes a day talking about how cold it is and limited time doing things like reading, texting, and emailing while I am outside waiting for my Uber / a ride.

Warm weather!

In LA, I am excited about walking outside with a pair of shorts and a t-shirt. If it gets ‘cold,’ high socks and a Patagonia vest will likely suffice.

Great people!

I people I know in Los Angeles have really intrigued me. My friend that is letting me temporarily stay at his place is in tech education. His roommates are both in film, production and marketing. With my personal interests in education and filming a documentary, it seems to be a good fit so far. My other friend who is a global public speaker and author introduced me to a friend that could help me find housing. Her friend is is a business coach that loves yoga and sports. Nice. Public speaking, yoga and sports sound good to me. My cousins in LA are in law, writing (a book), and finance / investment banking. They are quite accomplished. I also have a friend that is in film that potentially loves soccer more than me. Overall, I might have a small sample size, but so far so good!

#beactive lifestyle

I like that people love to be active over here. For the first time in a long time I was not only at the field with people versus being alone, but I left the field at 9:45 PM while there were still 20 other people there. Typically, I am the last one to leave the field at night. Good feeling when others are pushing you to stay outside/active longer. I also recognized when I lived in California before that people believe in something I believe:

Watching sports is fun. I enjoy playing sports more.

Professional diversity

I also have liked the wide range of professions out in Los Angeles. In San Francisco, I typically interacted with entrepreneurs or venture capitalist. In Chicago, I typically interact with individuals at large corporations/consulting firms and doctors. I have a lot of interest in health and entrepreneurship, but I definitely enjoy having a wide range of people/professions and also individuals pursuing these fields of interest in a unique way.


So, why Los Angeles? It seems to have good weather, the people I know are health and activity focused individuals that are professional accomplished in a wide range of fields (healthcare, finance, film, entrepreneurship).

Your thoughts?

I am sure every city has reasons why they are amazing. What are your thoughts? What cities do you like it? What cities do you not like? Curious to hear. Also, know anyone out in Los Angeles? Could use more friends!