Amazing life experiences

A few days ago 73 of my friends shared their favorite experiences they shared with me. Here are some of those amazing experiences!

A good friend of mine called me to catch up. That call made him think he may want to be involved in my school in some form or another. Eventually, he booked a one way ticket to attend the 3 month software engineering school. After graduating, he flew to San Francisco to land a highly paying and, more importantly, a highly fulfilling career as a software engineer.

I lost in a game of cards and, with that, I lost a tough bet. The bet? I had to lie down, pose with limited clothing on, and send a picture of that pose to a couple friends. #college.

During the era of flip phones, we decided to straighten my hair.

My close friend decided we’re just like Timon and Pumbaa.

“The time when you became my brother :)” — my sister-in-law.

Having the opportunity to recall these experiences is the best birthday gift ever!