Want to Learn Something New? | Use These Principles

Shaan Shah
Nov 17, 2015 · 1 min read

I want to share 5 principles that are effective for mastering/learning a new skill.

Over the past three years, I have had the unique experience of starting and leading a school that places over 350 software engineers at technology companies like YouTube, Uber, and SalesForce. I also trained myself to be a photographer and practicer of yoga.

My experience in education, teaching, and learning has lead me to find a number of effective learning principles. I will attempt to elaborate on these principles using photography as the skill to learn.

  1. Have the desire. You should really want to learn photography. Take the time and write 5 bullet points and email yourself why you want to learn photography.
  2. Build confidence. It helps if you have the confidence that you will become a professional photographer. It often helps to talk to another photographer and hear/see their story.
  3. Take baby steps. Start by taking pictures/videos on Instagram. That’s what I did!
  4. Be consistent. Try taking one picture a week that you share with some friends via text message. Read more here.
  5. Ask others for help. Ask Google or ask your friends for criticism on your pictures.

Want to become a photographer? Try the above 5 items. Want to learn something else? Try reapplying these principles.

Not sure how to learn a new skill? Don’t have time? Not sure what to focus on? Please share what you want to learn and myself/others will help you.

Shaan Shah

Written by

Author, Inspirational speaker

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