My Baby Girl

I’ll drop Gems later with Ruby colored ink in my pen/

as I write from the heart,

the truth’s within

She so precious,

a Diamond out the rough/

Mind sharp, skin smooth, our love, more than enough/

I shower her with kisses and gaze into her eyes/

I see myself in them, and later I’ll tell you why/

I tell her a hundred stories, and none of them lies/

she listens with her comprehensive mind/

Realize time flies

and off to races/

Pushing for a promotion,

gotta bring home more bacon/

3am, she’s sleep, door shuts she’s awake and

she still smiles at me, I’m always in her good graces/

I won’t lie, sometimes, she cries for attention/

Hold her tight, love heating because we’re too intense,

It’s like our campfire is too close,

burning slow like incense, the intention is not living a wild life,

let me finish…

Baby girl is motivation to stack the emeralds/

Baby girl is that oyster with the pearl/

Baby girl knows that She’s my world/

That’s cause my baby girl is my baby girl.

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