Blood in the Water

The political landscape is becoming more like the siege mentality of the ancient city states with the very human psyche changing slowly into a morass of ‘what’s in it for me’ and ‘I am being left behind’ and ‘Why should I care?’.

The Aleppo pictures of a child being pulled out of the rubble by her hair, a baby dragged out from the dust or the picture of a boy who sat very still in complete shock in the Ambulance.

Some people in the West do not realise that Syria far from being a country in the dark ages and culturally primitive, was one of the most enlightened countries in the Middle East with their civic system and amenities rivalled those of any western country. Imagine their current situation unleashed in one of the great cities of Europe and then understand the scale of the man-made disaster wrought by culture, religion and injustice.

It seems that this more than anything else signifies the whole of the Middle East in its death throes of the final ‘Quiyamot’, the End of Days. It seems that the onus of resolving these issues rest on the West and that is how the ‘us and them’ politicians portray it and why should we care if they finish each other off. These sentiments as we can see, find the sympathetic ear of those who feel vulnerable and in some cases disenfranchised and in most cases uninformed.

We are not in exclusive planets where events stay exclusively in Jupiter and the red spot signifying the 1000 mile per hour storm larger than a hundred earths won’t effect us in our lifetime. We are still in many ways in a primordial soup of events that have far greater consequences as time goes on based on individual interests. If nations and their ‘blame them’ bully boy politicians wonder at all the hate that is generated perhaps they should look closer to home.

In 1981 I was an Economics undergraduate in Dhaka university in Bangladesh and we were given the task of debating a solution to the movement of economic migrants coming into the cities leaving their livelihoods in the village, overcrowding the towns and cities with squalor and visible poverty. One of my esteemed fellow scholars, who has since moved on to the World Bank, described quite vividly the overarching problem of poverty and injustice with no political will to resolve these issues. His solution was a beautifully mapped socio-economic master plan encompassing political reform and the advocacy of human dignity that should accompany a person’s labour. Needless to say he received a rousing reception from us, his fellow idealists. Then came another soul upon the rostrum, self assured and confident. He praised the entrepreneurial spirit of those who made it in a postwar Bangladesh. Highlighted the fact that city dwellers had sacrificed much and deserved what they earned. The city owed them a defence against these interlopers and scroungers and should build a WALL crisscrossed with barbed wire, only letting those in after ‘extreme’ vetting. After the catcalls and honest ridicule In the shape of a few paper missiles he was asked to sit down. The sneers and overt jokes about irony even permeated from the teacher’s impartiality.

Fortunately this fellow scholar did not go into politics but became the harbinger of an education foundation which is now a bastion of knowledge and sensibility.

And now as we hark back to the future and see this sentiment play out in real life not because of poverty but the idea ‘we are owed’ a piece of the action. Not because the world is in recession but the sentiment of the Will-o-the-wisp ‘the best of times’. Our culture, our religion, our wonderful way of life is under threat we should build a WALL and have extreme vetting. Not unlike the ideas engendered by the likes of Brexit and its prophets of doom. Politicians of this ilk see the blood in the water and circle, seeing and seizing the opportunities as they cascade through the rhetoric lapped out by the mob.

This is the plague of Moses and the steadily spreading stain that is the colour of blood, defiling the water of hope everyone drinks from. This is the direct consequence of those who would control us in a way that would only serve those interests no matter what the subject matter, creed or arrogance, of whom the symbolic bells toll for. Why does privilege engender cruelty, and outright selfishness and the arrogance to brazenly declare it? Whether it is wealth of an individual or the rhetoric of extreme groups with a religious aberration as a banner.

How the fans of bullies seem to thrive in this dystopian reality. Why the rallies lionise rudeness of a man who advocates violence and perversity, insolence and even outright puerility on the back of mendacity, is probably a subject that will tax the most eminent and profound psychologists. But to pander to such an edifice of fraudulent and sexism defies the idea, good is right among normal people. These people who are seduced to think either a demigod or a group who professes the purity of their awful version of superiority cannot remain in this state where reality and humanity is thus suspended. The sudden hard landing on the bare earth will not be pleasant.Who are effected ?

We all are and those most vulnerable pay the price.