New Year Resolutions for an Election Year

1) Do not publicize what doesn’t deserve publicity

2) Fact-check before sharing

3) Welcome high-quality disagreement

Some notes:

We live in times when any attention to any content promotes it. “No-ink-is-bad-ink” 2.0. Any associated sentiment is transformed to a “like”. Sharing it is endorsing it. Ignoring low-quality content is a better way to battle it for now. Curate your clicks, raise the bar. Corollary: do publicize what deserves publicity.

We all fall for it occasionally. Something interesting or witty, but factually wrong. I’m still waiting for a snopes auto-filter. But do your best to not propagate junk. Humanity will thank you.

Diversity+Cooperation is really the only sustainable competitive advantage. Diversity w/o cooperation is chaos and a huge lost opportunity. Cooperation w/o diversity leads to staleness. It’s “best of breed” vs “inbred-or-chaos”. Do your part to promote constructive dialogue. And remember, “the middle” could be in the opposite direction.

Happy New Year!