Lessons Learned from 2015 → Resolutions of 2016

2015 was incredible! A lot happened. Some up moments, some down moments. Unfortunately, the down moments often had lingering effects. To resolve that, I decided to list the lessons learned that I thought would make good resolutions for the new year. By reflecting on below listed tiny bumps in the path of “Growing up”, I am able to pause, analyze and improve for a better upcoming year. Succeeding in it, I am positive that 2016 will be extraordinary!

PS: These are my thoughts listed from the life events, experiences, and realizations from my past year. So they may not exactly be relatable, but I hope it can inspire you in some capacity to help improve your present year.

So here it goes :

  1. Family is above everything. It’s got magical powers!
  2. Reel in unnecessary arguments with parents. There will always be that generation gap in the way we think. Cultural gap as well in my case. Live and let live peaceful life.
  3. Move out of the protective bubble aka parents house. Although they would gladly “baby sit” and “spoon feed” you all your life, take a step forward to help yourself mature and grow up.
  4. Anger leads to nothing good. Try to “Eradicate” the emotion.
  5. Take small risks (nothing life threatening of course). It’s adventurous and boosts up a different kind of confidence!
  6. Lower the expectations from yourself. Juggling only a few things at a time is completely acceptable. Avoid mental exhaustion.
  7. Slow down a bit and take it easy, professionally and personally. Avoid terminal burnout.
  8. Take time out from busy work schedule and pick up a new hobby. It’s refreshing!
  9. Spark up those faded friendships. Text the friends you haven’t talked to in a while but wondered what they may have been up to, with simply just a ‘Hi!’ Every little conversation counts!
  10. If #9 goes successful, proactively initiate/plan to meet up even if it is just over a coffee. Every person has something to Inspire.
  11. Phone call conversations are more powerful than text conversations. If comfortable, take that route once in a while.
  12. Understand the early-mid career adventures. Not good to get comfortable at one place for longer than certain number of years (unless that’s your dream job/company). Different companies have different things to teach. Learn and take it all in while you can!
  13. Continue Learning! It’s huge these days. Whether that is career related or something completely different for personal growth. It’ll definitely connect dots at some point in life and you’ll be glad you learned it.
  14. When you are in mid-upper 20’s and single, know that many eyes are on you at weddings/events/parties. Dress and behave appropriately.
  15. When you are in mid-upper 20’s, single, and a recent (Asian) immigrant, be open-minded and learn to go with the flow.
  16. Sadly, dating rules still exist. Get help from the experienced if need be. Just being yourself and friendly, may or may not be enough.
  17. Tone down the confidence a notch when on a date. First few dates are more nerve wrecking for the guy. (Maybe depends on each individual)
  18. When you are freshly dating or in the process, think 10x before sharing the news with parents especially moms. Avoid having high hopes come too soon.
  19. Laugh really hard and open-heartedly! It actually blocks negative emotions and thoughts to interfere in the moment (At least I noticed it in myself). Live that moment to its full extent, cry those happy tears often!
  20. Develop social skills to be able to hold conversations with any age personnel. A great quality to have in both, personal and professional life.

Working consistently to achieve the above and the experiences it will add along the way, is going to design for a terrific 2016!

Have a Fantastic 2016, readers! :)

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