Almost to the Finish Line!

Hey all,

So I’m writing this post to just outline what I’m thinking my final draft of my essay will be like. My initial thought process of doing this project is to create a video (obviously) practically tying everything together. The easy part of doing this process is recording myself telling the audience of my findings and the conclusions that I have came to. The tricky part is actually putting all the clips together in order to create an appealing video. My plan is to say one question at a time, and for each question, put in the answer that everybody had for it. It’s easier said then done, but that’s my initial plan for what the video would look like. I would also like to potentially go back to some of the clubs that I visited and just videotape them just having fun. Those footages would go in towards the end while I’m giving my conclusion of my findings. One thing I would need to figure before doing the video is how I can talk over a video footage, since I am an amateur at creating videos, but I do think it will make the video a bit more better. My goal for this video is to make it look less like a project, and more like a documentary of sorts. Although my camera quality could have been a bit better within some of the videos during the interviews, if I could connect the videos together, and possibly make it look semi-professional, then my goal would be accomplished.

I’m still debating on whether or not I should go interview a couple more student organizations this week, but most likely I won’t since of the 8 I interviewed, all of them have stated the same message which I was trying to get. Yes, having more would be all fine and dandy, but if I’m not in dire need of it, I’ll just use the time to work on making my final Digital Media Project to be a bit more better.

So that’s about it everybody for this post. Since this was only an outline it caused this post to be shorter than my other posts, so sorry about that! Let me know if anything needs to be improved on or not!

Thanks for reading everybody!


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