How being vulnerable creates a psychologically safe place for others to collaborate

I’ve been a software developer professionally for four years now. My journey hasn’t been an easy one. I struggled during my time as a computer science undergrad; I thought many times about quitting. My mental health problems wreaked havoc on my concentration, memory, and learning abilities.

My intention for sharing my story here is to show you how I leverage my weaknesses for the greater good. Suffering is an inherent part of life so I hope my personal story will be relevant for many.

My Junior Developer Years

How we created a powerful new organizational habit to accelerate our learning in software development

Quizzing each other during a session of First Pomodoro

We’re growing at Nulogy, and we recently divided our product development team into two. I have been a developer on the original team for nearly three years and saw it grow to nine people. After the split, the new team that I was on had only two developers. This was a concern.

In the past, our primary way of learning had been through pair-programming in a large team of experienced developers. Additionally, the large team size provided a diversity of ideas and mentorship. We were now mostly on our own and had to take ownership of our growth.

Of course…

Shahriyar Nasir

Software Engineer at Nulogy

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