How to get rick quick?

Rich is the gap between desires and the ability (income) to fulfil those desires. Most people only keep working towards earning more but don’t have any control over their desires.

Economics of Desires:
Our mind can grow desires at a much faster pace than our ability to achieve them, and those unfulfilled desires keep growing which leads to stress and emotionally bankrupts us.

What we have to realise is that more is not the answer to our problems: more sex, more money, more power and renown. These will never satisfy the place inside us that never feels rich enough.

The quickest way to become rich is to manage your desires.

I felt the way we book driving lessons in the UK is broken, so I decided to fix it by buying a Lamborghini Aventador.

The Learnerghini

Well, not really.

I felt that the way people book driving lessons is broken, so I decided to fix it.
There are over 1 million people who get their drivers licence each year in the UK and will keep doing till it becomes illegal for humans to drive. …

Shahzad Ali

Founder of Get Licensed — The Licensing Specialists. I write about my Entrepreneurial Expeditions and Timeless Philosophy.

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