Top challenges faced by the mobile app developers

Most of the people think that creating a mobile app is very simple. You might be thinking that app design is the only thing which will make your app a huge hit. Apart from design, there are several other things that have to be considered before publishing your app on the Apple or Google app store. You may also think that the challenges faced by app developers are relatively simple. Well, you are wrong!

In this article, you will read about top 5 challenges faced by the mobile app developers. So here you go:

1) Fitting everything into a small screen size: The screen of modern smartphones start from 4.5 inch and tablets range from 6 inches to 12.5 inches. What you see on an 18-inch screen cannot be packed in the mobile device. So, while creating a mobile app, many iPhone Developers have to face this confusion of what to include and what not to. Keep in mind the minimalist approach and include only that which is necessary.

2) Creating an app which can be navigated with 1 finger: Most of the smartphones & tablets come with touch-enabled displays and users usually use their fingers to navigate through the app. This might compromise the precision and accuracy. The UI or User Interface of the app should be designed keeping this in mind. The app developer should ensure that the UI functions properly and efficiently reads the user’s finger.

3) Keep memory and storage while coding the app: Earlier, mobile devices used to have limited memory because of which developers have to keep the apps light in weight. Although, today there’s no such storage issue but it’s good to develop a lightweight app so it does not affect the core processing of the mobile. Make sure you Hire iPhone Apps Developer who provide you with an efficient app that consumes less battery life and storage space.

4) Optimising layout and flow of the mobile: As smartphones usually have a small screen size, it will be good if you keep the layout and flow of your app optimised. Make sure your app doesn’t create multiple tabs as it will make difficult for the users to browse through the content. Stick to single screen UI and optimise the navigation.

5) Providing a superior user experience: If the UI of your app is not enjoyable at all, then users won’t be using it for a long time. Also, more importantly, they might talk to other about the experience of using your app and these word-of-mouth reviews will surely bring down your customer base.

If you wish to offer a great usage experience then you need to hire the app developers. Although, hiring the top of the line experts might cost you a bit but in the end, it will be you reaping a great return on investments. Hire an app development company that specialises in building user-friendly mobile apps.

Summing Up

So, now you have a clear picture of the top five challenges which are faced by the mobile app developers. There are several others issues that an app developer faces and only a skilled developer can overcome all these and will provide you with a cutting-edge app.